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Joomla Templates

Joomla websites use templates to control the design, layout and colour scheme.  Joomla templates provide a framework to control and bring together components, modules, layout images and cascading style sheets (CSS).  Important and sometimes overlooked Joomla cannot operate without a template, it's not just about display, templates link and binds all the elements of the website together including the administrator area.

Why does Joomla use templates

Joomla - Multiple Layouts - Single Template

Joomla templates have pre-configured positions for all elements within your web page allowing you to have modules displayed on all, most, some or no pages.  The main side columns can also be displayed or not displayed.  CSS allows you to have the same font for every page or change it depending on the section content.  CSS also allows your sections to have different colour backgrounds and/or edges of modules.

Basically Joomla templates allow you the site owner or webmaster to simply 'fill in the blanks'.

Joomla Template - Single Layout

Web pages have common elements that don't change on many sections or areas of a website, header logo and contact details, menus, side columns, footer displays, etc.  You may also want to have the same font and color scheme throughout the site.


Joomla Website - Multiple Templates

Joomla allows you to have different themes or colour schemes if you want different areas of a site to serve a different purpose. If you really want, you can have completely different looks throughout your site by using multiple templates assigned to these different areas.

These two major points should tell you, that you can have exactly what you want with Joomla.

Flat HTML websites that have no managed system behind them, page templates have to be copied and then new content added with additional menu items and image locations added.  Recently software systems have made this process simpler, allowing the creator to add the additional menu items retrospectively over all the older pages.  This process normally means having to go to your developer to get them to add new pages at a cost of approximately £100 - £200 per page.  The Joomla CMS and templates combine to make this process as easy as it can possible be.

You have two options:

  1. Write all the code for each page individually
  2. Use a template and simply 'fill in the blanks'

Pre-installed Joomla Templates

Joomla comes with several templates installed, I strongly recommend that you never use these templates for security reasons and more commonly breaking your site with a core Joomla update.  As these templates come in every install of Joomla, when you update your site the templates will get over written as this is what an update does.  For information on what a Joomla update involves please follow this link:- Updating Joomla.

Joomla Template Customisation

There are thousands of Joomla templates available at various websites across the web, some of these templates are free and some have a charge.  The modern way of business for template developers is to set-up a template club.  Template clubs charge an amount for one years access to hundreds of templates.  But remember, this is an off the shelf design that hundreds if not thousands of people will use, Dean Marshall Consultancy specialise in Joomla Template Customisation, our preferred way of designing a new website is to take an off the shelf template and transform it into a bespoke and vibrant design.

Custom Joomla Template

Dean Marshall Consultancy can build you a custom Joomla template from the ground up.  All we need is your company's corporate color scheme, your logo, a basic idea of menu type ( dropdown, one level top menu, multi level side menu, etc ) and your preferred layout structure.  From this basic information, using our vast experience of website and template creation, Dean Marshall Consultancy's team of joomla experts will create a bespoke Joomla template that offers, style, innovation and most importantly of all visitor satisfaction.  Your template is your shop front and must perform three tasks:

  1. Get peoples attention
  2. Keep peoples attention
  3. Don't get in the way of your sites message/sales pitch.

Too much going on distracts site visitors and ultimately pushes them away.

New Joomla Template - Joomla Website Overhaul

If you have an existing Joomla website and are looking for a fresh, clean or vibrant new look Dean Marshall Consultancy are the best people for the job, we have designed, developed or overhauled over 200 Joomla websites giving us every reason to call ourselves Joomla Experts.

Contact Expert Joomla Web Designers

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