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Joomla Support Contract - Joomla Help

Our support staff use Joomla every day so we have a vast array of experience with which to help you.

Contracted Joomla Support services are designed for on-going longer term client relationships. We are not a "quick in and out" company, we are with you for the long haul.  Contracted services are available at a massive 33% discount.

Joomla Support Contract can be utilised for almost any task that you can imagine.  Clients typically use their retainer in four main areas: Design and Layout, Security, SEO and eCommerce.  The Joomla Support Contract can be used for just one or all of these areas.

Joomla Website Design and Layout:

  • Joomla template tweaks
  • Bespoke layouts of standard Joomla articles, blogs and modules
  • Installing and configuring new components, plugins and modules
  • Properly structure menus for ease of navigation to improve user experience
  • Setup content templates and styling tags - saves time and money

Joomla Website Security:

  • Security checks
  • Server monitoring and anti hacker preventions
  • Site monitoring and anti hacker preventions
  • Twice weekly backups ( Monday and Friday )
  • Updating / upgrading Joomla and your extensions

Joomla eCommerce Support - Custom VirtueMart Development

  • Critical updates and security monitoring of ecommerce sites
  • Securing and monitoring servers to stop downtime and prevent loss of sales
  • VirtueMart cutomisation, extensive experience and knowledge of custom development with VitrueMart

Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Website promotion
  • Work with you to formulate and structure keyphrases from your keywords
  • Build effective page structure with headings, subheadings, paragraphs and lists
  • Changing your Joomla menu structure so Google and other SERPs can spider all your pages
  • Create high impact landing pages, keyphrase rich with clear call to action
  • Reduce the amount of unused modules to speed up your site
  • Page load time issues
  • Setup search engine rank checker lists to show your site progress
  • Monitoring Google Analytics
  • Monitoring Google Adwords account

Retained clients(contracted) purchase a block of hours each month, which guarantees them access to services when they need them, retained clients take priority over any project or Ad hoc work.  In return, they receive a deep discount over 33%, this is for the regular flow of work and reduced administrative burden, also to build a long term working relationship that can move your website and business forward.

Contact Expert Joomla Web Designers

Call us today on 0800 756 6482 / 01524 63492, or use our contact form, for further information and to arrange a discussion about your web design - Joomla requirements.

Our Ad hoc Joomla support services are more suited to smaller, one off jobs such as reset Joomla password.  If you are confortible with hosting control panels and phpMyAdmin, our How To Reset Joomla Password article tells you the process involved.