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SEO Web Design

Web design instantly brings to mind colours, graphics, styles, layouts and gizmos. Any and all sites that want to rank well in search engines must develop their content and web design at the same time.

A news article website will differ greatly from an e-commerce website, the design must work with the content and not dominate the sites display.

If you are selling products you have two ways of building your SEO content and bringing visitors to your site:

  1. Content pages with links to products - Landing pages
  2. Content heavy individual product pages

Obviously your product pages will have some written content, but that could make up a small part of the page if you have, written content heavy landing pages.

Landing pages can be used to get high rankings in Google for categories with multiple products in. If you want to promote all your products, then a landing page can be the best way to build your SEO strategy.

If your products don't fall under one obvious category or are a little more specialised, then content heavy product pages will be your best SEO strategy.

High quality content with good, relevant backlinks will get high rankings in Google and other search engines.

Seo Web Design Process

Here are nine pages about SEO web design that show the process involved:

Type Of Website Required

Are you looking for an e-commerce website or maybe a news article publishing website. You might want a blog website or a Business To Business site (B2B).

Continue reading: Type Of Website Required

SEO Web Design Client Objectives

You want to portray a professional and attractive look, but you really want the website to pay for its self as quickly as possible. Making money from a site sounds easy, so why isn't everyone doing it?..

Continue reading: Client Web Design Objectives

Keyword Research

The most important element of a website, if you want it to rank well, is your choice of keywords / keyterms and how you integrate them into your website and SEO strategy.

Continue reading: SEO Keyword Research

Website Architecture And SEO

So you know what type of website you need and we have worked with you to understand what you want to achieve from your new website. Now it's time to build the website architecture and navigation...

Continue reading: Website Architecture And SEO

SEO Content Writing

You know your industry, products, genre, etc. Content writing should be focused on giving information with a strong sales pitch. Describe the product you're selling with variations if applicable...

Continue reading: SEO Content Writing

SEO Web Design - Web Design

It is imperative that the design of any website is based around the content of the website. You don't design a car before knowing how big the engine will be or how many seats it will have.

Continue reading: Web Design

SEO Website Optimisation

 How long it takes Google to download one of your pages is now a major ranking factor. Think, if it takes Google 5.5 seconds to download your 800Kb badly optimised webpage, then it can only crawl...

Continue reading: SEO Website Optimisation

Website Launch Check List

Final checks complete it's time to launch. The first sale or contact always comes before the sites rankings have settled and we can analise the data to see what immediately is working and what is...

Continue reading: Website Launch Check List

Ongoing SEO Support

This is essential if you want high sales volume or need a constant stream of contacts/leads. The fact is that sites that rank highly for their chosen terms, will have an ongoing SEO strategy or ongoing...

Continue reading: Ongoing SEO Support